Would you like to stop spending so much time and money on your pool? Would you like to stop exposing your family to chlorine and salt? Welcome to SwimFresh. Here you will find the latest information regarding “Chlorine Free” systems for your natural swimming pool. Although the technology is not new, recent advancements have made this method of pool care practical and affordable. Read on to see if these incredible systems are right for you.


What is it? Although several makers have been marketing these systems for years, a common term to describe them has yet to gain general favor. For now, let’s call them “Oxygen/Copper systems”. A form of oxygen and a derivative of copper are used to treat the pool water and halt the growth of any algae. The action is created in a device added to your pool plumbing. With automatic electronic controls, the equipment is similar to that proven to produce high-quality drinking water.


What it’s not: Oxygen/Copper systems do not create or use harsh chemicals like chlorine or bromine. They also do not require salt or any other compound to be added to the pool water. It’s just water. Furthermore, it is not an ozone generator. No dangerous ozone or UV is involved.


How does it work? Every time your pump runs, your water passes through a two-stage electrolytic cell that automatically comes on and treats the water. At the same time, it adds a small dose of copper ions that reside in the pool and prevent algae. The electronic controls are easy to operate and require very little oversight once the proper settings are identified for your particular pool.


Can I install it myself? Absolutely. Our kits even come with the few simple tools you will need. The cell plumbs in easily in about thirty minutes and the control simply plugs into an outlet. Should you have a question, our technicians are always just a phone call away.